In the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Unit established within the Canakkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital, prolotherapy, ozone and acupuncture treatments are applied by physicians who have the Ministry of Health Complementary Medicine Practice certificate.

Is taken Prolotherapy; It is a form of treatment applied with stimulating fluids that have been applied in the world since 1930s and activates the body's self-repair mechanism. Nowadays, the most commonly used stimulant fluid is sugary serum (dextrose) which is used in various ratios.

Prolotherapy can be a solution for neck and back pain, migraine pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, hip joint pain, knee pain (calcification or meniscus), hand and wrist pain, elbow pain and heel spur pain. Today, many forms of treatment are applied to relieve pain. However, prolotherapy provides a natural and permanent solution for the cause of the damage and self-healing of the body. Prolotherapy is an economical and effective form of treatment with very low side effects when applied to the right patient by experienced physicians. The most common side effect is pain aggravation, in many of which temporary aggravation of pain is due to healing pain.

Ozone therapy; It is a form of treatment applied by converting oxygen gas (o2) to ozone gas (o3) by means of special ozone generators. Ozone treatment can be administered rectally or regionally as well as by mixing blood and ozone gas and returning it to the body. Ozone therapy shows the effect of stimulating the antioxidant defense system.

Ozone therapy is effective in strengthening the body's immune system, in the treatment of general or regional pains, in the treatment of skin and wounds, in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, in the treatment of lung diseases such as COPD, in the early stages of Alzheimer, Parkinson and Dementia, in viral diseases such as hepatitis, in controlling high blood pressure and diabetes. is a treatment method.

Ozone treatment is a treatment method with no side effects if appropriate materials and suitable methods are used.

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