Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of The Canakkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital is dealing with operations in a wide surgical perspective.

We manage a comprehensiverange of condition sinvolving cancer and injury related deformity and loss of function, congenitalab normalities, as well as diverse problems such as burn injuries and cosmetic problems.

In our plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic, all emergency hand, foot and face traumapatients can be treated. Functional tendon and fracture repair surgeries are the daily routine operations.  Nerve and blood vessels repair surgery for the replantation of amputated digits or devascularised hand injuries can be performed using the microsurgery techniques. We also perform all types of adult and pediatric upperlimb problems including nevre compression syndromes, Dupuytren’s disease and congenital hand abnormalities from removal of extra digits to complex cases, such as syndactyly and under developed or duplicate thumb deformities.

We are involved in all skin conditions including benign nevus, cyst, lipoma, hemangiomaal so wide excision and lypmh node dissection surgery for multi disciplinary treatments of skin cancers. These patients may need a skin graftor skin flap to repair the skin defect.

Secondary to breast cancer our department offers a full range of reconstructive options from immediate to delayed techniques including implant-based to auto logoustissue based reconstructions.

Aesthetic Surgery procedures that performed frequently in our clinic are rhinoplasty for nose deformations, face lift and blefaroplasty for aging of the face: sagging, wrinkling of the skin and muscles of the face and also abdomino plasty for removal of the surplus fat and skin thatare occurred in the abdomen.

We offer three main types of cosmetic breast surgery: Breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of the breasts using implants,  breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of breasts,  blefaro plasty surgery to lift the breasts, restoring a more youthful appearance.