Home Health Service

In order to meet the needs of the bedridden patients who are fully dependent on the bed in the home environment; 1 specialist physician, 1 general practitioner, 6 nurses, 2 health officers, 2 ATT, 2 home care technicians, 1 midwife, 4 drivers, 1 medical secretary, 1 staff is serving in the central building of our hospital.

You can apply to our Home Health Services Unit by calling 4443833 by contacting the Ministry of Health directly.

Çanakkale State Hospital provides health services at home during weekdays and by appointment system. The Home Health Care Team is going to the home address of the patient or his / her relatives who are registered to home care services within the boundaries of the municipality and conducts the general control of the patient and decides whether he / she can benefit from the Home Health Services or not. Afterwards, patients are visited at regular intervals and their care and treatments are performed regularly. The frequency of visits should be determined by the physician according to the care and treatment plan.