Our History

Our hospital was first opened on March 1, 1920 with 25 beds in the building which is today's 18 March primary school of the navy commander Hasan Rahmi Pasha and his wife of German origin Hadiye. Initially Op.Dr. Sedat started to serve under brain management and single physician.

Due to the insufficiency of the hospital building, the construction of a 50-bed Memleket Hospital was started in 1935 in the city center and was put into service in December 1938.

On 26 August 2016, the Military Hospital, which was transferred from the Turkish Armed Forces to the Ministry of Health, started to provide polyclinic service as the Meriç Alemdar Building of Çanakkale State Hospital.

Çanakkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy State Hospital in Kepez Town, which was founded in 2014, started to serve on 22 October 2017 with the transfer of Gynecology and Child Branches in the Supplementary Service Building of Bahattin Huriye Demirci son. It has.

Since 1938, the Çanakkale State Hospital has been providing service in the Central Building of the Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Department, Operating Room, Eye Clinic and Eye Center, Intaniye Clinic, Psychiatry Clinic inpatient services and other branch outpatient clinics.

Our hospital, which was registered as 545 beds on 07.08.2018 after moving to the Central Building and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Building in Meriç Alemdar Supplementary Service Building on 12.07.2019, serves in 2 different campuses.

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Çanakkale Mehmet Akif Ersoy State HospitalÇanakkale State Hospital Central Building