Baby Friendly Hospital


1. Our breastfeeding policy is known to all health personnel.

2. All health personnel are trained on breast milk and breastfeeding and necessary certificates are obtained.

3. Pregnant women are trained about breast milk, breastfeeding and pregnant nutrition. Within the framework of this program, pregnant school education and maternity education are given regularly in our hospital.

4. After birth, our primary goal is to initiate the sensual contact of the babies with their mother and start breastfeeding within maximum half an hour. In fact, the baby is laid on the mother during the episode suture by the delivery team and sensual contact is provided between the mother and the baby.

5. Unless medically necessary, newborns are given no food other than breast milk.

6. Mother and baby are allowed to stay in the same room.

7. Breastfeeding should be encouraged whenever the baby wants.

8. Pacifiers and feeding bottles are prevented. Food samples, booklets, posters, food promotions are kept away from our hospital.

9. When the mothers receive maternity education at the obstetrics service and are discharged from hospital, they should reinforce their breast milk education again.

10. Mothers who are discharged are encouraged to feed their baby only with breast milk for the first 6 months, to start supplementary food after 6 months and to breastfeed until the age of two, to start supplementary food after 6 months and to continue breastfeeding until the age of two.

11. International Food Code Practices are adopted and implemented in every field of the organization.